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sation as the National Council for Civil Liberties ;
jhe should use any advantage his position may
him to check suppression of free speech ;
he should accustom himself to challenge
nonsense politely but firmly and say fearlessly
and as clearly as possible what is in his mind
and to listen as fearlessly to whatever is said to
him. So that he may know better either through
reassurance or correction. To get together with
other people to argue and discuss, to think and
organise and then implement thought is the first
duty of every reasonable man.
This world of ours is going to pieces. It has
to be reconstructed and it can only be effectively
reconstructed in the light. Only the free, clear,
open mind can save us, and these difficulties and
pbstructions on our line of thought are as evil as
^children putting obstacles on a railway line
or scattering nails on an automobile speed
This great world debate must go on, and it
must go on now. Now while the guns are still
thudding, is the time for thought. It is incredibly
foolish to talk as so many people do of ending
the war and then having a World Conference to
inaugurate a new age. So soon as the fighting
stops the real world conference, the live dis-
cussion, will stop, too. The diplomats and